Havana Skate Days - PPR

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Libraries, Universities, and Institutions can purchase Havana Skate Days with Public Performance Rights. We can provide a digital file that can be hosted on your internal server.

Havana Skate Days is an intimate portrait of Cuba and its current struggles told through the story of Havana’s nascent skate scene. The film follows Yojany Perez, a young, talented skateboarder trying to grow extreme sports in Cuba, and his tight-knit crew of skateboarders. The generational rift between Cuba’s millennials and older generations is exposed as the skaters struggle to carve a space for themselves in Cuba’s future and cope with the loss of their friends to the temptations of the outside world.

Directed by
Kristofer Ríos & Julian Moura-Busquets

Written by
Kristofer Ríos & Ismael de Diego

Produced by
Joey Carey & Kristofer Ríos

Executive Produced by
Isaac Lee, Juan Rendon, Erick Douat & Christian Gabela

Edited by
Ismael de Diego

Cinematography by
Julian Moura-Busquets & Juan Carlos Alom