Youth In Oregon

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When 82-year-old curmudgeon RAYMOND Ingersol tells his family that he has made arrangements to be euthanized in Oregon, his daughter KATE is determined to stop him. But when another family emergency arises, Kate’s husband BRIAN finds himself with the unlucky task of driving his father-in-law from New York to Oregon AND convincing the crotchety old man that he doesn’t want to die. The problem: Brian hates Raymond. And with Raymond’s wino wife ESTELLE tagging along for the journey, it’s just in-laws and the open road for the next 3000 miles.

Frank Langella
Billy Crudup
Christina Applegate
Mary Kay Place
Josh Lucas
Nicola Peltz
Alex Shaffer

Directed by
Joel David Moore

Written by
Andrew Eisen

Produced by
Stefan Nowicki, Joey Carey & Morgan White

Executive Producers
Frank Langella
Ross M. Dinerstein

Co-Produced by
Sirad Balducci

Cinematography by
Ross Riege

Music by
Joel P. West

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