Greasy Rider

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Picture a cross-country road trip powered by vegetable oil in a 1981 Mercedes-Benz! Greasy Rider follows the two filmmakers, Joey Carey and JJ Beck, as they meet with fellow Greasecar drivers, friends, and critics. Traveling as far south as New Orleans and as far north as Seattle, the car is fueled by used cooking grease collected at restaurants along the way.

Interviews include Morgan Freeman who is opening up a Biodiesel plant in Mississippi. Political analyst Noam Chomsky, “You're supposed to believe we would have liberated Iraq even if its main product was pickles,” appears along side Yoko Ono, “This whole world is now ruled by corporations and their greed,” and Tommy Chong, “You guys figured it out. You got your little bio-car, and there you go.”  Additional interviews include the founders of the four major vegetable oil conversion kit companies, Greasecar, Greasel, Neoteric, and Frybrid, as they discuss the reality of vegetable oil as a fuel.

The heat is felt in this political documentary as America's energy consumption continues to grow.  With gas prices on the rise and the reality of global warming setting in, Greasy Rider points to vegetable oil as one part of the solution to our energy problems.

Morgan Freeman
Noam Chomsky
Yoko Ono
Tommy Chong
Justin Carven
Charlie Anderson
Christopher Goodwin
Craig Reece
Rae Dawn Chong
Ronnie Davis

Produced & Directed by
Joey Carey and J.J. Beck

Executive Produced by
Stefan Nowicki

Cinematography by
Joey Carey and J.J. Beck

Edited by
Joey Carey

Music by
J.J. Beck

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