This Much We Know

This Much We Know

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Set in the all-American city Las Vegas at the peak of a suicide epidemic, this film attempts to understand why Levi Presley, a happy and accomplished young man, suddenly jumped off the city’s tallest casino. That same week of his death, the United States Senate voted to permanently store the nation’s nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain - located just outside the city. Through interviews with the boy’s survivors, suicide experts, Yucca geologists, politicians, statisticians, and a psychic medium who talks to Levi’s spirit, this film actively struggles with the nature of facts, subjective realities, and how we are slowly losing our ability to make sense of facts and thus ourselves.

Directed by
L. Frances Henderson

Based on the book About A Mountain by
John D'Agata

Produced by
Joey Carey & Keith Miller

Executive Producer
Kathryn Moseley

Associate Producer
West McDowell

Edited by
L. Frances Henderson & Liz Deegan

Cinematography by
Ed David

Original Music
Ali Helnwein

Distributed by
Oscilloscope Laboratories

Produced in Association with
Sundial Pictures
Kitty Guerilla Films

Made with the generous support of Cinereach & The Jerome Foundation, and developed with participation in the IFP Film Market, Sheffield Meet Market, and the Champs-Elyseé Film Festival US-In-Progress Competition.

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