Havana Skate Days

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Havana Skate Days is an intimate portrait of Cuba and its current struggles told through the story of Havana’s nascent skate scene. The film follows Yojany Perez, a young, talented skateboarder trying to grow extreme sports in Cuba, and his tight-knit crew of skateboarders. The generational rift between Cuba’s millennials and older generations is exposed as the skaters struggle to carve a space for themselves in Cuba’s future and cope with the loss of their friends to the temptations of the outside world.

Directed by
Kristofer Ríos & Julian Moura-Busquets

Written by
Kristofer Ríos & Ismael de Diego

Produced by
Joey Carey & Kristofer Ríos

Executive Produced by
Isaac Lee, Juan Rendon, Erick Douat & Christian Gabela

Edited by
Ismael de Diego

Cinematography by
Julian Moura-Busquets & Juan Carlos Alom

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