This Organic Life

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From the Black Dirt region in Orange County to the lush mineral deposits of the Esopus Basin, the Hudson Valley is known for producing some of the finest food in the country. The seven-part HUDSY Original series This Organic Life follows Local Roots CSA founder and food lover Wen-Jay Ying as she guides us on a fun, engaging, and heartfelt journey to learn about regenerative food production, soil health, sustainable practices, and the inherent health benefits of eating local. Wen-Jay connects with farmers, chefs, and the local community whose lives revolve around food, and demonstrates why the Hudson Valley is known as a dynamic region for the epicurious. We dig deep into the human elements of local farming and explore the relationship between food security, food waste, and the importance of knowing where our food comes from.

A HUDSY Original Series

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1. Glywood & Second Chance Foods
2. Aroma Thyme Bistro & Kelder's Farm
3. Gopal Farm
4. Kinderhook Farm
5. Deep Roots Farm
6. The Meat Wagon
7. Hawthorne Valley Farm

Directed by
Joey Carey

Executive Produced by
Jesse Brown

Produced by
Laura Kandel, Kathryn Kiewel, Wen-Jay Ying

Director of Photography
Jesse Brown

Edited by
Christopher Geffrath

Camera Operators
Angel Gates
Natasha Scully

Produced in Association with
Sundial Pictures

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